Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Could Use a Leg Up

Who couldn't use a boost, a leg up?
Maybe even a kick in the pants?

It's possible that we are in the midst of a bit more... more stuff going on, more of the unexpected, more activities, more obligations-duties-demands, more of the usual.

It's possible that everything is as it has always been, and I am only overwhelmed by the firm decision I've made to get more accomplished. Lots more. I even put these things on the calendar, in my feeble attempt to pretend I am orderly, and obedient to calendars.

Dear the Chickenblogger,
please, kindly be obedient to the calendar, and do those things that while loathsome, tedious, and smelly, will surely make your days brighter, and more gooder. Please, clear the desk tops, file the papers, dot your dotables, and cross your crossables. Be dutiful and diligent. Be devoted and dedicated. And by all means delegate, which may the very smartest way to get a leg up.

The Voice, the one that wakes you in the wee hours to discuss all your worries, concerns, insecurities, and the unfolded laundry you left on the sofa, again.

The Voice says: "On the calendar today: clear kitchen desk, and bench, pay bills."

Chickenblogger says: "Ugh. Meh," and asks, "All of it? Not just tidy the piles, and stuff things in drawers? Actually sort, toss, shred, and find the surfaces?"

The Voice says: Please don't dawdle, whine, or make excuses. Please don't give up or surrender. Please don't forget to tell those other Birds to pitch in.

Chickenblogger says: Thanks for the leg up.


laura said...

Oh, I so wish I had access to this place. We do a program called KIDSTUF and I have a 2 story clubhouse on stage to decorate. I am always changing things out. We took a telephone booth and made a time machine out of it (a'la Bill & Ted), we have secret entrances behind bookcases, retro toys and accessories etc.
The legs would make great table "legs" *sigh*

Kim said...

Yes, I suspect that life is as busy and messy as it has always been; it's just your newfound motivation for order that is being felt. I'm in that mood too. Thanks for the reminder to go take care of my laundry pile.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I sort of resent my newfound motivation for order, it's messing with my love affair with playing!!

test said...

Do I ever know what you are talking about!?!?!?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I thought you might be sympathetic!