Thursday, March 29, 2012

Small Matters That Tempt Us

We all have our little weakness, those temptations we cannot resist.

Please, tell me, I am not alone in this... popcorn, fabric, kitchen bowls, dancing on bubble wrap? I'm not the only one, right, who finds some things too irresistible to walk away from?

Our chickens get cat food cravings. It's compulsive.

Look at Little Debbie. She's about to bolt, if I come any closer.

Now Zoe is the lookout, while Little Debbie pecks away at the cat chow buffet.
It's fish, in case you're wondering. Not that it makes it any more appealing to me, but I feel a bit better that they are not devouring poultry flavored... eeewww.

Zoe sees my lens zooming in, and she says to her sister, "Come on, leave it behind. They're on to us!"

But then she takes one for the road.
Seems the only thing they cannot resist is temptation.

Their run is closed, and so they had to fly over the fence to make this mission, to satisfy their munchies. They may be the tiniest chicas in the shark cage, but that is no obstacle to their cunning and escape tactics.

So good.
Nom, nom, nom, nom...


PCovi said...

Our chickens love cat food!
My friend Michelle made diapers for
one of her chickens so she can keep it
in the house. So cute! And it works.

Unknown said...

Cat food, yuck. Crazy chickens!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Picture, or it didn't happen.
I don't know if I am ready to go back to diapers, even for
my beloved chickens. But... I admit I am intrigued.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Yes, crazy. They crack me up.

Natalie Kryger said...

First this cracks me up because my chickens have a thing for dog food and my dogs have a thing for scratch...kinda like a woman with chocolate; don't stand in the way of my girl when the scratch is out.

Second, I read soulemama and I knew I recognized your name. I was on the MakerFaire website today trying to decide if our family of six is going to make the trip again from WA. There you were, and I thought "wait a minute, this other Natalie is popping up everywhere!" I have an offgrid homestead in the mountains 30m East of Seattle where we are raising an innumerable number of animals, food, and four sons who were all homeschooled up until three weeks ago. Kid #2 joined the 5th grade for the first time ever.

What a strange set of coincidences.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Whoa! This is really great, and amazing...
It's fun to find these connections.

Okay, the dog going for the scratch? Funny.
Is this a small(er) dog, because I am having a hard time picturing my hens chomping on big dog kibble!

So... have you decided? I thought we were traveling a long way! You venture is a huge commitment, and probably less feasible with a son in traditional school. This year we are trying for both days at the Faire... either by convincing three different schools that we are on a field trip, or by simply *calling in sick.* You and I both know, there is more to learn in two days of Maker Faire than two months of some schools. I hope you can make it... we will have to meet!!

I am in awe of what you are doing. Do you blog, as well? Would love to see some of your innumerable animals. It's nice to *meet* you, Natalie, and I am so glad you shared your comment.