Monday, March 26, 2012

Suitable For Framing :: Our Barn

Ten days ago, William and Geoff were setting the floor joists, and laying down the flooring in our big little barn. Maybe you remember the day we unloaded supplies? Well, things are progressing.

Geoff's time-off is over, and a couple of big storms put the brakes on framing. That was about the same time that William caught the same nasty cold Max had been battling, so at least the timing was right for a break.

Geoff and I made decisions about doors and windows, and how much of the barn would be dedicated solely to chicken roosts and coziness. They're getting forty square feet of sheltered comfort. Then he and I went to the secondhand shop, we decided on some old house doors, with window panes to let in lots of light. They're smaller than most doors, and solid wood.

One end of the barn will open with double barn doors. Geoff and William will construct those doors. The two small doors will hang on each side of the barn. One leading out into the chicken's run, and the other opening into a second run... for err... uhm... I dunno know, maybe for vegetarian dogs, or something... prolly... we'll see.

William and Geoff make a good team. They've both been enjoying the project. How much? Enough so that there's talk of other structures and projects... talk that makes me pretty giddy to hear.

Okay, so, since then, William and Geoff have put up two walls, with framing for two different size doors, and also a window, and a chicken door. They also repaired and painted a fence, ran conduit and wire. Hey, Maria helped paint the fence, and both Maria and I helped with running the wire through the conduit. The barn will be lit!

See? Suitable for framing! You are looking at the chicken roost end of the barn, and there's the little chicken door, and the window framed above it!

Today they are working under a storm watch. Rain is coming, so they built a temporary roof beam and got the tarp up. I don't know how much rain is coming, but if the wind is any indication of this storm's punch, we are in for a wild one. It's blowing hard out there.

Two more thoughts:

1. It probably really is time to start planning our Barn Party!
2. By the time we are waiting for the next storm, the chicas will be snug and safe in their deluxe and beautiful barn.


Tracy said...

VERY exciting about the barn! Fun to see the progress. Hope everyone's feeling better there. :o) ((HUGS))

Alison said...

Aaargh! Your "big reveal" picture isn't loading for me! :(

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Flartus, come back!
~thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see more progress photos! It looks like quite the undertaking but I bet it will turn out really well.

Miriam said...

I just love construction projects - ours and other people's, too! Making muffins, making a knitted scarf - those things are regular. But making a building - that's something special!

Alison said...

yay! Forty square feet, huh? They better start using those luxurious next boxes, naughty girls. Some birds just don't appreciate what they've got.

judy in ky said...

There are always exciting things happening around your house. I can't wait to see the finished barn. I hope you don't have a bad storm.

Anonymous said...

High excitement in the air! I love reading about your plans for this space.

warren said...

I love building stuff...but who had to mix the concrete? I hate mixing concrete. Did you automate it?