Monday, October 04, 2021

Autumn Skies

Happy Birthday, Bambi! Bambi's Mom, Robin, was sharing that Bambi has asked for birthday sushi since she was four years old. This year was no exception, but there was a twist. Her favorite restaurant is no longer open, sadly, but we may have a new favorite, where everything on the menu is vegan. Ordering was a bit confusing, as we weren't sure what all of the no tuna, no crab, no shrimp items were, but once we were served... there were no disappointments! Everything looked beautiful and tasted amazing. Purple black rice? They call it "Forbidden." We only know it was delicious. Thank you, Robin, and Gordon, for including us in this wonderful celebration.
The setting itself deserved some photos, too, but I was too busy enjoying the good company, good food, and welcome outing. We all want to return. I will order the California rolls, again, as well as the Eggplant No Tuna Bites, and another order of Believer, please.

We came home to a really close-up visit with one of the neighborhood owls. We hoped he would hoot for us. There have been at least three regulars, calling at dusk and dawn. I love hearing them, and seeing them is special, too.

And a little noise for the new lights, please! Geoff just finished running a cable, and hanging up the lights. He hand picked each bulb. The man loves lighting! I am so lucky. We went with blues and oranges, in a mix. After Thanksgiving, we will switch out oranges for reds and greens, I think. Some of the bulbs are actual neon, and have surprisingly intricate details, like flowers and messages. It's all LED, so it takes very little energy, and we don't keep them on too late, so Nature can have its nighttime.

And today, speaking of Nature, the sky has been giving us a show, since sunrise. We even had a brief thunderstorm, with a steady shower of warm, plump raindrops. I went out to sit with the goats, pretending they needed me, because they don't like water and loud noises. But really, I think they were fine, and I was the one that was appreciating the company. They are silly and sweet, and lift my mood.

Pretty soon Geoff will be visiting Wisconsin, again, and taking my heart with him. Life is full, yeah? His Dad is recovering from some difficult setbacks, and we hope Geoff, and Holly, can help him rally. We are all going through it, but I will say it anyway... things are extra hard these days, expletive expletive expletive pandemic. (How do people still manage to debate this issue, and deny the actions that could have long since reduced the terrible numbers around COVID? For the record, the maskless, and unvaccinated, have recked havoc in the lives of loved ones, and it makes me angry, and very sad.) I will be so relieved to hear good news, and have Geoff home, again.


Janece said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Bambi! And that sushi place looks unreal and delicious!!

Owl visits... bliss!

And, I heartily approve Geoff's love of lighting! You are lucky!

Love all the fantastic weather/cloud photos you have shared. I never tire of them.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I will share your birthday wishes with Bambi. She picked a winner! "The Yasai," on India Street.
You and I are sky are cloud sisters... we love our weather and stormy goodness!