Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Dropping In...

It is the highlight of any day when I get a text message from Maria. Between classes, after school, she lets me know of any changes in her schedule, or if after school plans are developing. Sometimes I get a picture, often I get sweet expressions, and amusing details from her day. I cherish these interactions we share. And I miss the teachers and administrators that used to be on campus, the ones that took pictures and shared them... lots of them! Stricter regulations about visiting school campuses make it harder to make connections with what's happening at school, to feel in touch. The social media glimpses made up for it. Thank goodness for the teachers and staff that we stil know from when her brothers were students, from before social isolation, closed campuses, and safety concerns. (I appreciate the safety measures, but I miss the relaxed and broader community feel our schools enjoyed.) Thanks to some dear people there, including club hosts, mentors, and favorite teachers, I enjoy the pleasure of seeing Maria recognized and supported, I know she has caring individuals that look out for her, and her peers. So, when she has unscheduled hours, she can be in a welcoming space, to study, or chat. When she participates in clubs, after school, she will be around friends that are like family, who go way back. Alex, and Max, even William, were good students, participants, and built good will with the school, which has been a nice legacy for their young sister. I am especially thankful for Book Club, and Sue F., crafts, book events, that welcoming space, and these elf ears.
This door is like a large screen, where the cats can enjoy their subscription to the Wild Life Channel. Today's feature, Lizard in the Sun! Their tails swished in rapt fixation. Oh, wait... I can share the video!
Saki and Cairo, riveted by nature.
On Monday one of our trees was being like a postcard for fall color, full of honey golden leaves that swayed in the breeze, and then that massive storm howled through, and the leaf show was blown away! Now those leaves, a bit battered, are groundcover for the goats and hens. It's our one annual brush with a classic fall scene, and even though it's small scale, I love the day when we have a pile of leaves!
I saved a few for indoor decorating, too. Most years they are so dried out by the time they drop that they tend to crumble, but these are still pliable, and they smell pretty. My head is full of Pinterest saves for leaves... paint them, dip them in wax, press them, make a garland! Naturally, all of these appealing ideas come to me when I have pressing matters to attend to, adulting chores that cannot be put off for later. *sigh*
One last look at fall color, this time as eggs. And now, to tackle some of those adulting matters!


Janece said...

Maria and elf ears... it's like they were always meant to be. ;) Love her!

And the swishy tails... if only you could get them to swish precisely through the entire house... can you imagine the polish and shine? LOL.

Another always meant to be... the goaters and their crispy fall leaves. 🥰

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Aren't they awesome?! I am so glad you share our affinity for Elf culture. (Name that movie!)
Why aren't the cats polishing the floors? They are like walking Swiffers!
Hey, I went to my blogging dashboard this morning, fairly certain it would be another quiet day for the blog, and when I saw there were lots and lots of comments... well, it seriously thrilled me. Thank you, friend.

Janece said...

I'm glad my comments were a boost at the right time. 💖

I read your posts pretty quickly after you post them - but as you know, I don't comment right away. I tend to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and slowly make my way through the posts and photos again. It's a ritual I really enjoy.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Truly. You timing was perfection. And even the idea that there is a ritual, slow tea, and enjoyment... what a flattering, gratifying thought. Thank you, friend.