Sunday, October 03, 2021

Some Fun

All I need to start a new blog post is a picture of a cat, or a chicken. Any cute cat, or scratching hen, will get me going, and I can wax poetic for days. So, here we have Sakamoto in a box, looking adorably innocent, and I can't help bringing his little mug to the world, for all to see. He helped himself to the box sent by my Mom, and all of the soft and delicate shawls and rebozos, which are, fortunately, protected in the bag. After he finished inspecting and approving these contents, he took an all day nap on the coat Mom sent Maria. Good thing the beautiful coat is as black as kitty. And Mom, it fits very well. Maria only wishes it wasn't 80 degrees out!
In other news... Maria and I left the house! She's in a book club at school, and the librarian arranged tickets for us to hear Anthony Doerr (All The Light That Cannot Be Seen) sharing his latest novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land. It was worthwhile... more than, actually. If Anthony Doerr is appearing at location near year, I highly recommend you attend. Some of his events are virtual, and Maria and I are thinking of tuning in, again, because we enjoyed his presentation so much. Normally, I would say more, but 1. I really hope Maria will be writing something about this experience. 2. I really hope you have a chance to see him for yourself.
Continuing with the book theme, as well as turning out for authors, independent bookstores, artists, and friends... I made my own event of bringing home some more books. I ordered these from an independent book store and normally I would have them shipped, but this time I purposely chose to pick them up. It was to get me, and hopefully others, out of the house. It worked! Geoff and I had an almost spontaneous date, visiting The Book Catapult, where I got to see Susie Ghahremani's mural and finally bring home the book she illustrated, She Wanted to Be Haunted. I also got my hands on Phoebe Wahl's book, Little Witch Hazel. Geoff and I walked around South Park, popping into Bad Madge... sweetest welcome, there! I found a perfect party favor at Gold Leaf, for Bambi's D & D birthday night.

And then we somehow found our way to Pop Pie! It's been a long time since we've enjoyed this pleasure so we made up for lost time! We shared lunch... the creamed corn, and the vegan curry pie are so good! Then we made another order and brought home Pop Pies for everyone! Max exclaims for the Classic Chicken Pop Pie! My horchata was wonderfully refreshing on a hot Autumn day.

Wow! That's a lot for one little weekend, and it's still Sunday. I wonder what else we might get up to before it's Monday? What are you up to?


Janece said...

The Anthony Doerr outing sounds amazing! What a treat!

Your entire weekend sounds idyllic and nourishing. So good. Thank you for sharing.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Both Maria and I had to contend with our strong impulse to stay home, and it was no small feat to overcome our reluctance to drive to SD on a Friday night. The venue and parking and everything... all new, and awkward, but fate kindly rewarded us. It was simply worthwhile, and a good reminder to be a little more daring. (hardly most people's ideas of an adventure, but I know you understand.)
We really want to find one of his virtual events and tune in, again. It was that compelling.

Janece said...

I do understand! We went down to Blick Art last weekend Saturday -- and once in the store, it was a lot of fun... but navigating the busy neighborhood... trying to find parking (the farmer's market was happening at the same time)... I fatigue so quickly. I truly wish I had more endurance for these kinds of things.

I love that you were handsomely rewarded for your efforts! 💗

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Little Italy, during farmer's market?? That would fatigue me, too! You were daring!
When we win a lottery, Janece, let's live a year in Portland, or Paris, and we can walk everywhere, take a metro in a pinch. No parking worries, and lots of sights we can explore, with natural beauty mixed in. Our adventures will be local and fulfilling, nothing but handsome rewards!