Monday, July 08, 2002

Fiesta Update #2

( first update)

This website was set up by Geoff for me to keep in touch with lots of family and friends at once. I write pool updates, and other 'deep' thoughts. Right now it is also helpful for keeping guests updated on the upcoming birthday party. Becky will be sharing photo albums, yay! Grandma is enjoying the group shot that Eva and Henry sent her. Beto, and his daughter, Aurora, will be coming. We are still hoping to hear from Becky Sue. We have heard that Steve and Olga may not be online, so perhaps Ruthie and Tara can share any pertinent information with them.

Max and I have been making artistic preparations for our outdoor side table. I painted a chess board on one table, and we decided to dedicate the second table to his other favorite game, Loteria! We have the cards cut out and the playing boards are ready. Max was dedicated-ly cutting and coloring with me. Tomorrow we'll get decoupage glue and fix them to the table. All of our old outdoor furniture has a fresh coat of paint. One of Grandma's old kitchen chairs got painted green, like the doors. Soon we'll sit outside, in the shade, with tables for cold drinks, and we'll play Loteria and chess.

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