Sunday, July 07, 2002

Swimming, Love, and Concrete

We are just back from the ever desirable 'swim in the neighbor's pool.' I have always relied on the kindness of neighbors ( just a little literary license.) The boys and I scrambled around the house digging out swimsuits, goggles, towels and sunblock, and then hoofed it down to the house next door. Their pool is a lot like ours will be. It was very nice to glide in to the cool. Alex and William were immediately fishlike, and Max stood on deck with his arms crossed. Finally, he let us in on his point of view: "Do you know why I won't go swimming in the swimming pool? Water. I don't want to get wet." You have to admire someone with such certain convictions.

And now a little romance. For me, and mine. We are off to recognize our wedding anniversary, again. We got to play Friday night too, thanks to generous friends. Geoff asked which is the traditional gift for 13 years of marriage ('paper, lace, plutonium?')
From the look of things around our yard, I think the 13th anniversary gift must be concrete. We have plenty, and there's more to come. He asked if I was glad to be married to him. He is too interesting to live without. He has taught me about living fully, and making dreams come true. He makes me laugh, and he laughs with me. He is unflinchingly generous, in deeds and thoughts. And I love him, too deeply to measure. I am more than glad that we are married. I am gaga.

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