Monday, July 08, 2002

Pool Update

The plumbers are here! They are laying out the pipes, and if they finish today, they can begin pressure testing the system before they bring in the equipment. Also there will be an inspection when they finish, which leads to the gunite phase. Apparently the electricians' schedules are so backed up that their work will come later, and I don't know, maybe they'll have to arrange a separate inspection.

The retaining wall got sealed on the slope side, and today they are covering the facing side in a coat of cement (concrete, plaster, gray stuff). They'll color coat the wall after they brick the top. This prevents the brick work from staining the plaster. It's wonderful having experienced people figure this out for us.

I decided to plant the peppermint willow at the top of the slope. I bought this poor tree too soon, and it has been wasting away, sad and neglected, wind blown and shuffled around. I kept thinking 'I should wait for irrigation and other stuff before planting it,' but today it is going in. Ready or not, we're planting what's left of it. Once it recovers and takes root, it will make a beautiful canopy of swaying branches. The rest of the plants purchased under the 'too soon program' are doing okay. They need regular water, and a respite from the sun. Should I give them a splash of fertilizer, or would that encourage too much growth for plants destined to remain in pots for a few more weeks? This is a solicitation for gardening advice.

Our figs trees look great, and have fruit. The citrus is doing well. Alex's strawberry guavas are full of fruit. Someone said I can make juice from the strawberry guavas, but Alex and Max eat every fruit the moment it reaches maturity. The little 'juicers!' A grape vine growing on the fence with our neighbor has fruit. They will likely ripen in late summer. The vegetable barrels are doing well too. I should start making and freezing pesto.

The garden makes my spirit buzzzz. I love dirt and seeds, and anticipation. I love sprouts, blossoms, fragrance and harvesting. Even just thinking about gardening delights my mind. I envision flowers, and fruit, and color and friends coming to share and tables with vases of blooms, and bowls of salsa, and pesto on toast, and children pulling carrots out of the earth and mouths stained red from strawberries. If I could sing or paint what I see in my thoughts, it would make a breathtaking composition. It would be warm with fellowship, and nurturing, fresh and healing. And somehow it would convey my sense of humble awe that I have the honor of enjoying this pleasure. What sweet bliss.

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