Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Fiesta Update #3

(Update # 1 and Update #2)
Delia wants me to emphasize certain points about the hotels listed in the newsletter. Comfort Inn is more expensive, but not the 'better choice.' She went to check them all out and feels that Holiday Inn Express and the Howard Johnson are the two best options. Lupita expressed the desire to stay where other family might be staying, so she might want to contact Debbie, Julie, Delia and (maybe?) Tara and Ruthie. That's all for now. We hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer.

Geoff is about to be sad. I grilled a tasty dinner, even Alex is eating! But a Hawaii realtor called, so Geoff is 'off to the Island,' talking about lots in Hawaii. I think there may be one last piece of pollo asado, and it's getting cold. In Wiamea it is business time, but here we should be finishing a family dinner. They're talking about gulches, wild pigs, makai and mauka, water meters and sugar cane. The rest of us are playing 'chupa dedos.' So, when Karen does hang up, Geoff is gonna see for himself how hungry three boys can get. He should definitely check out lots big enough for crops and orchards, and milk goats, so we can keep up with these growing children!

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