Sunday, July 07, 2002


Hi. As promised I will post news about the 80th birthday celebration, so guests can stay updated. To begin with we are having an impromptu 'Proofreading Contest.' See if you can find spelling and gramatical errors in the Rancho Verde Press. There is at least one real good one! In fact, even our illustrious editing staff, including the guest of honor, failed to catch the best misspelling. Enough said. Hopefully the rest of the newsletter was accurate, and helpful.

We would like to add that this will be a wonderful opportunity to share photographs. So, bring albums for looking at, and copies of pictures for sharing, especially older family shots. We'd love to see some of the group shots taken at Ruthie and Tara's. And by secial request: Grandma wants family stories, and jokes. We have been exchanging quite a few jokes around here lately. We are looking for fresh material, please!

Please call or email if you have questions or suggestions. And Aunt Becky, perdoname. I will go to the bank tomorrow.

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