Thursday, July 11, 2002

Linda's Pool is Not Made Out of Dirt

It is wonderful to have generous friends. Another hot and humid day was salvaged with an afternoon swimming in a good friend's pool. She invited us over to swim, and apologized for the 'last minute' offer. Not necessary. As far as we were concerned it was a delightful and timely invitation. Max helped himself to a summer's table of fresh fruit, explaining to his hostess, "I only like to swim in pools made out of dirt." He was up to his elbows in strawberries and oranges slices, and hesitantly dipped only his dangling feet in to the water. William and Alex were not so particular and they jumped and slid and swam right in. I love to be in the company of my friends while our children play together. I enjoyed watching all the kids interact and react and relish the bliss of a summer swim with friends. Thank goodness we have the sense to put the outside world on 'pause,' so we can make the time to be together.

Meanwhile, back at El Rancho, electricians came to do their part toward the completion of our pool. I think they were successful, which puts us in line for another inspection, before they backfill our wrap around trenches. And, drum roll please: Tomorrow gunite! Remember, gunite is concrete, the stiff stuff that makes a pool take its form. For 5 days I will have to keep the gunite moist, by hosing down the pool. This cures the concrete and insures better swimmer's satisfaction. At this rate we could be finished in a couple of weeks, but wait!...that kind of euphoria is reserved for other things like finding a $20 in an old coat pocket, or a zit that heals in less than 48 hours. Swimming pool construction comes under a special mandate that demands delays, setbacks and frustrating pauses. I'm just gonna keep my cool, and hope for the best.

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