Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

I have a chicken coop, and on top of the coop I set my chicas, some roosters and a farmer too. I try to keep my chicken obsession corralled and contained. I don't plan on having a chicken bedspread, next to my chicken lamp, in the room with chicken wallpaper. Though I must confess, I have daydreamed about sewing a chicken inspired quilt.

I didn't have any serious crushes or obsessions growing up. For a time I feigned a Clark Gable infatuation. In junior high, several girlfriends expressed strong feelings that I was missing out by not having a celebrity crush. Jill had personal letters from both Robby Benson, and his mother, and I could never forget her unwavering devotion to Tom Petty... it was sweet, kind of enviable to be so steadfast and certain. Kristy liked someone, Eddie Van Halen, maybe? The point was to have posters and stickers and to get swoony at the mere mention of the obsession's name. I did happen to like old movies, so I pulled Clark Gable out of my hat and assured my concerned girlfriends that I did in fact ", totally like Clark Gable, 'cause he was so totally like hot. You know?" They gave me two super-sized posters of him for my 15th birthday. So for about 2 years I lived with a 40 something year old man looming over my bed... the ears, the mustache, the cigar... it was a bit much. Actually, he did have something of a rooster look, kind of cocky. Years later I read that he and his adored wife, Carole Lombard, tried their hands at chicken farming. I like that.

Geoff knows that I get a little bit swoony about chickens. He liked our three chicas too. He thinks they were cool.

The days are getting a bit Summery, a little warmer, a little longer. It makes it difficult to concentrate, to get to school on time. Sometimes I wake up and think, "This is too nice a day. There can't be school on a day like this." But there is school, until mid-June. There is testing too. Alex and Max are taking standardized tests all this week and part of next. I've been making them extra spectacular breakfasts. Today is dance day with Maria, and I have to get to a yearbook meeting in a few minutes. William finished reading "The Long Walk." Geoff is at the office, hoping everything holds and trying to look busy. I think he reads a lot. He says he's busy stuffing my ballot. I always wonder what you are up to. Drop us a line, share your obsessions. Is it Summery where you are?


  1. I voted for you Chicken lover! I like that picture- your flowers are lovely!
    Come back over and I will explain about how I transfer on to fabric.

  2. Ms. Calamity Kim, your vote is one of my favorites, 'cause I don't recall ever having to twist your arm for it! Aren't those pretty flowers... I bought freesias last week and they're holding up quite nicely. My two year old likes to pull them out stem by stem and bring them to me so I can smell them!

  3. If you are ever in the Philippines I will take you to my uncle's chicken farm. He has THOUSANDS of beautiful chickens (and some turkeys and ostriches too!) that lay really tasty eggs and the chickens themselves taste wonderful. Er, or perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to let you see your lunch while it's still alive? Cause we would probably serve you roasted chicken ("lechon manok" in Filipino). O_o I can see it now: Maria playing with a cute lil chick and then crying when she sees the lechon manok. I'll take you guys to the beach instead. Or to visit the volcanoes here. O_o Geez, what was I thinking?

  4. I'm ready. Sadly, (for the chickens) I like All kinds of chickens tee hee...


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